Brazil's Lula government launches first Anti-Deforestation raids to protect Amazon

Brazilian government launches anti-deforestation raids in Amazon rainforest under President Lula’s pledge to end destruction

Brazilian environmental agents have launched anti-deforestation raids in search of criminals under President Lula de Silva. Lula had pledged to end the surging destruction inherited from his predecessor, Jair Bolsonaro. The raids, which were accompanied by federal armed police, targeted illegal logging sites in the states of Para, Roraina, and Acry. The raids marked the…

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Australia to make over $700 Million investment in sea mines

Australia to boost maritime defense with $700 million investment in new generation sea mines

Australia is reportedly planning to invest heavily in new smart sea mines to protect its waters from potential aggressors. The move comes amid concerns about China’s growing activity in the Pacific region. If the purchase goes through, it will be Australia’s largest investment in sea mines since the Vietnam War. The defense ministry released a…

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Incoming New Zealand PM calls out Misogyny, says a 'small minority' responsible for abusing Ardern

New Zealand’s Next Prime Minister Vows to Address Misogyny and Protect His Family from Abhorrent Abuse of Ardern

As New Zealand’s incoming Prime Minister, Chris Hipkins has promised to protect his family from the same abuse that his predecessor, Jacinda Arden, received while in office. Arden announced her resignation last week, citing the increasing burnout and threats she received in recent years. One such incident included a man claiming in a YouTube video…

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Pakistan's economy struggle

Pakistan’s economy struggles with high inflation and low funds, government makes cuts in expenses to combat rising national debt

Pakistan is currently facing a tough economic situation as funds are running low, inflation is skyrocketing and the economy is struggling to stay afloat. Unlike Sri Lanka, Pakistan is reluctant to choose debt restructuring, but it is having a major impact on the country. In the first half of this fiscal year, there has been…

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