France and Germany’s leaders discuss Ukraine crisis and potential military aid

France and Germany's leaders discuss Ukraine crisis and potential military aid

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and French President Emmanuel Macron met in Paris on Sunday to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Elysée Treaty. The treaty, which was signed in 1963, is meant to seal post-war relations between the two countries. During their meeting, the two leaders renewed calls for a more closely aligned Europe to counter Russia and to bolster the democratic values that underpin the European Union.

The two leaders are navigating the effects that the Russian invasion of Ukraine has had on Europe’s energy security, social stability, and economy. Paris and Berlin represent the core of the European Union as it seeks to reform an economy that can no longer rely on cheap Russian oil or narrow supply lines.

Speaking alongside the German Chancellor, French President Emmanuel Macron said he does not rule out the possibility of sending tanks to Ukraine. He said, “Regarding the tanks I asked the Army minister to work on it, but nothing has been ruled out. It has to be assessed collectively with three criteria. Firstly, as we had been able to do since the beginning, that it does not escalate the crisis, and we always follow this line. Secondly, that it could bring real and effective support to our Ukrainian friends.”

On the energy front, it was announced that Germany will join a new hydrogen pipeline project between Spain and France. The project is still in the testing phase and is not ready yet. The meeting between Scholz and Macron highlighted the importance of cooperation between European countries as they navigate a complex and rapidly changing international landscape.

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