New Zealand’s Next Prime Minister Vows to Address Misogyny and Protect His Family from Abhorrent Abuse of Ardern

Incoming New Zealand PM calls out Misogyny, says a 'small minority' responsible for abusing Ardern

As New Zealand’s incoming Prime Minister, Chris Hipkins has promised to protect his family from the same abuse that his predecessor, Jacinda Arden, received while in office. Arden announced her resignation last week, citing the increasing burnout and threats she received in recent years. One such incident included a man claiming in a YouTube video that he had the right to shoot the Prime Minister for treason and treachery.

Speaking on Sunday, Hipkins stated that a small minority of people were responsible for the abuse Arden received and that men have a responsibility to call out misogyny. Data released in June of last year showed that threats against Arden had almost tripled over the past three years.

Hipkins, who served as New Zealand’s Covid-19 Response Minister, has extensive political experience and is expected to be sworn in as Prime Minister on Wednesday. He has promised to continue the work of his predecessor and ensure the safety and security of not just his family, but all New Zealanders.

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