Ryanair Flight Escorted by Greek Fighter Jets Following Bomb Threat

Greece scrambles F-16 jets to escort flight

On Sunday, Greek warplanes were scrambled to escort a Ryanair flight from Poland to Greece, carrying 190 passengers, after a bomb threat was reported to authorities. Two F-16 fighter jets were scrambled to escort the Ryanair flight as it entered Greek airspace from North Macedonia. The flight was made to land in an isolated area at the Athens International Airport as a precaution.

The plane, which was carrying 190 passengers, was diverted over the sea to ensure the safety of all on board. The flight was diverted for a total of two and a half hours. The plane landed safely and all passengers, including the crew, were disembarked and inspected along with their luggage. The aircraft was also checked, and after the safety of the passengers and crew was confirmed, the incident was deemed a false alarm.

The bomb threat was reported to authorities after a call was made to the airport information center in Poland concerning the possible presence of an explosive device on board the plane. The information center then coordinated with the air traffic control and subsequently with the pilots. The Greek Civil Aviation Authority reported that the bomb threat was made by an unknown person, and the incident is currently being investigated.

The passengers were later cleared to continue their journey, and Ryanair released a statement stating that the safety and security of its passengers and crew is of the utmost importance, and that it will not tolerate any form of disruption or threat on board its flights.

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